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Using the HP Mini Netbook: Pimping the Mini’s MIE: Adding Flock

May 21st, 2009

I broke down and hacked my MIE. But just a teeny bit, though: I simply installed the Flock browser and added it to the application launcher.

I needed to know it could be done.

Having satisfied my need to see the proof-of-concept, I intend to return to using the non-hacked configuration (by disabling what I’ve done) for a little while longer, while I complete a review period during which I use the computer with only the applications found on the default system.

That said, I will mention that am rather pleased with the initial results of my efforts in hacking this thing.

Once I’m done assessing its performance and capability as configured in its “out-of-the-box” mode, I intend to hack the hell out of MIE. Maybe I’ll even manage to fix the damned issue I’m encountering with the Mail widget on the home screen that HP’s customer support facilities have utterly failed at helping me resolve… but I’ll get into the saga of HP’s epic failures at customer support in a future post.

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Using the HP Mini Netbook: A First Time for Everything

May 12th, 2009

I recently bought my very first non-Apple computer. It’s a netbook — the HP Mini 1120 NR. It comes in two flavors: Windows XP and Linux. The Linux is a heavily customized version of Ubuntu 8.04, which HP calls MIE (Mobile Internet Experience).

As a years-long Mac user (since 1991), the decision to purchase a non-Apple computer was not one I settled upon lightly.

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