Crowdsourcing the Undead

CNN has posted an article about a new zombie movie, called Colin, that is causing a stir at this year’s Cannes festival.

But this isn’t your father’s zombie movie:

Online social networking was an invaluable tool in both generating buzz and cheaply sourcing the undead: “We went on Facebook and MySpace and said ‘Who wants to be a zombie?’”

Oddly, I’ve recently mentioned in three separate conversations to friends how I really want to be in a zombie movie before this life is done, so I’m a little chuffed to have missed out on the casting call.

Here’s the trailer:

It also apparently cost a mere $70 US to produce.

Marc Price, the film’s director, explains that the money was spent on “…a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and … some tea and coffee as well – not the expensive stuff either, the very basic kind… Just to keep the zombies happy.”

There’s something deliciously brainy about crowdsourcing the undead.