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Ball Drop: Dell’s Faulty Product Page

February 20th, 2010

As a number of perturbed status updates I’d posted to my Facebook profile in the wee hours of Friday morning suggested to my friends this AM, the health of my Mac Mini, Cylon.local, took a bit of a nose dive last night. Now, it’s probably just a hard drive failure, which is actually not so bad1, but I won’t know for sure until I take the little fella down to Tekserve‘s “ER” this weekend and get it properly diagnosed.

So one of the thoughts that naturally occurred to me is that there’s at least some small chance that Cylon.local won’t be coming back; perhaps the resurrection ship was simply too far away when the dreadful moment arrived.

I’d just bought a Mac Mini for my parents this past Christmas, so I already know the value proposition of replacing it with the latest model.

But, while I’m entertaining the notion of replacement hardware, it occurs to me that Dell rolled out a competitor a few months ago, called the Inspiron Zino HD. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m quite happy with the Mini’s performance over the last four years, and I’d be happy to keep it for as long as it’ll stick around with me, but any sensible man would think to check in on his options. Read more…


  1. Thanks to the trusty Time Capsule I managed to snag with a friend’s NYC teacher’s discount — thanks, Jenny!

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