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Something Magnificent and Frightening

December 11th, 2008
Another fantastic piece by Gruber.
This is what everyone contemplating a new creative endeavor craves: that in the moment it turns real, to get it right. To frame it in such a way that the very act of framing propels the project toward an inexorable destiny.


On the Open Sourcing of the iPhone [updated]

December 11th, 2008

William Hurley, author of the Evil Genius blog, recently published a post, titled Five Reasons Apple Should Open Source The iPhone. Despite the title, however, he never actually directly argues that the Apple should open source iPhone’s software. Read more…

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Wallet: A Keychain for the Road

December 9th, 2008

Wallet is a neat little utility that — like, which comes bundled with Mac OS X — lets you store all sorts of tidbits like notes, account numbers, PINs, etc. in a safely-encrypted little repository (or, wallet).

Unlike, however, there’s a version for the iPhone that can sync up with the information on your computer(s), if you have a Mobile Me account. Which means that the info in your Wallet database is completely accessible when you’re out and about.

Check it out

John Gruber’s “Interface of the Week”

December 8th, 2008

Phi on the Web

December 7th, 2008
There’s something intenesly satisfying about the fact that an ancient design principle can be so relevant to a modern medium.
Since the Renaissance, many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio — especially in the form of the golden rectangle, in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio.
— Applying Divine Proportion To Your Web Designs | How-To | Smashing Magazine

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